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We also know that due to globalization, you will have more and more patients coming from foreign countries, which makes the diagnostic phase more tricky due to subtle language and cultural barriers that you are not aware of

We know you are

overloaded with new patients

Whether working in your own private practice or in an institution,


and due the worldwide rapidly growing Mental Health crisis,

you are stuck between the fast growing number of new patients requiring your help, and the time that you need in order to properly get to know and treat each of them.

The waiting list is growing and it is getting increasingly difficult to chose between shortening your sessions or refusing people in need, well knowing that your other colleagues are as well overloaded as you are.


Not treated patients create new problems in their close family or working environment, hence new patients.


The vicious circle of the worldwide Mental Health crisis is in place. 

Using our DICP profiling platform can help you:

  • reduce by 5 the time you need to get to know a patient, with our platform providing you a full personality profile + antecedents + "pre-diagnostic" of your patients before the first session

  • get a "triage" pre-diagnostic from the AI

  • get personality as well as cultural based recommendations as for the right type of therapy to use

  • be warned and better read (and deal with) patients with complex personality and identity disorders

  • fast-track treatment

  • get more availability for additional patients & reduce waiting list

Based on your practice area (private or corporate) and how many new patients you might need to screen a month,

we have designed different packages that will meet your needs.

Independent Professional Packages 

  • access to a strictly personal area of our profiling platform, with features specific to the working field of psychologists and life coaches

  • access to a once only payable user training and certification program,including your own initial personal analysis 

  • once certified, your interface will help you administrate and manage your patients' files

  • expert DICP profiler hotline 6h/month

  • you can upgrade or downgrade every 3 months, based on your own usage experience / needs

Make your choice and click to request pricing or ask for a demo


DICP screenings /month

Up to 50

DICP screenings


Up to 100

DICP screenings


Corporate Packages 

  • same features available for independent workers


  • group training specifics

  • 15% discount for each purchase of 10 packages

  • specific rights administration features in order to share parts of a patient's file with another medical practicioner within the same institution

Up to 125

DICP screenings


Up to 150

DICP screenings


Make your choice and click to request purchase or a group offer

As trusted partners of the mental health community, we are obsessed with data and privacy protection.

We prioritize maintaining the highest levels of data encryption and secured architecture. From day 1, we have rejected a business model based on generating data for advertising and sales purposes of third parties.
We refuse to share data unless completely anonymized and in separate clusters to academic partners or officially recognized epidemiologists - and only under strict and severe conditions.

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