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Therapy Session

Mental Health Professionals

That's where we come in

Bottom line is,

We know you are overloaded with new patients.

Due to the worldwide rapidly growing Mental Health crisis, you are stuck between the fast growing number of new patients requiring your help, and the time that you need in order to become familiar with and treat each of your patients.

We primarily help some specialized physicians and mental health professionals save valuable time by helping them understand their patients far quicker + offering advice on how personalize treatment via our intelligent platform based patient profiling & risks analytics solutions.


With Mental ID, you have the power to have a detailed and holistic profile of your patients before even having your first consult with them, and accelerate the building up of Therapeutic Alliance.


Our AI is just here to help.


Mental ID provides a patient-doctor support tool while promising safe, accurate, and precise outcomes. We know you care about your patients, and we want to provide you to optimize the time during those first appointments to know each individual on a more personal level.

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Therapy Session


Day by day, new therapies and tools appear in the field of mental health which can be applied to a variety of patients and conditions.

No matter which therapy you specialize in, our AI-based profiling approach opens up new perspectives for your practice.

Our profiling platform can help you...

Get recommendations for the right type of therapy to use, depending on personality type and cultural origin

Reduce by 5 the time you need to get to know the patient

Receive a "triage" pre-diagnostic from the AI

Obtain advice on how to

fast-track treatment

Be more available for additional patients and reduce waiting list

Better read from scratch and handle patients with complex personality and identity disorders



As psychiatrists, you not only manage pure mental aspects, but also have to make decisions related to physical health. Treating injuries, substance abuse, prescribing drugs, or other treatments. This is where our innovative, holistic body and mind analytics can support your decision making.

Our profiling platform can help you...

Receive in 1 click your patient's personality profile and history which will in turn accelerate the completion of your diagnosis and risk evaluation.

Receive the specific patient's psychosomatic profile which will help better assess self-healing potential and contribution.

Overcome language or cultural barriers and reduce mistakes with patients of foreign origin.

Increase your expertise in identity and  personality conditioning. 

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Join the worldwide Mental ID community of psychiatrists and researchers which offers easier trans-border peer review, with privileged access to our anonymized data base and clinical studies about Mental Misalignment, Identity and Borderline Disorders


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