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About Us

Mental ID is a European, Barcelona based company, with a multinational staff and an ambitious expansion plan.

We are members of the Barcelona Health Hub, a non-profit organization that connects & promotes the best of Health Tech innovation, based in the emblematic Sant Pau Hospital, at the heart of Barcelona. 

Meet the R&D Experts

In the fight against the Mental Health Crisis and the growing expansion of Chronic Diseases, every day counts to save lives. As well Health Professionals as Patients deserve to get a safe, solid and efficient service.

Meet the Core Team who leads Mental ID's efforts to design the best possible service for the benefits of all.


Christel Paris-Bicking

Founder and CEO | Chief Scientific Officer

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Artificial Intelligence Platform

Michael Kemper Profilfoto.png

Michael Kemper

Head of Service Design


Alexei Levitchi

Chief Medical Officer | Data Scientist


Work with Mental ID and you’ll experience our uncontainable enthusiasm and curiosity for the future of Science and Mankind.

Our Vision

Open Minded

We know no cultural or geographical boundaries, our solution is global and free of cultural bias.

Impartial scientific progress for all is all what counts.



We’re always two steps ahead. We never stop investigating new fields of research and opportunities to multiply our scientific partnerships.

Highly ethical

In a world of increasing  potential manipulation via misusage of Big Data and A.I., we refused from Day 1 a Business Model based on selling collected data to third parties. 


Contact Us

Want to learn more? Reach out to us for more information.

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