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Mental ID

A patient profiling service devoted to holistic health and early prevention. We work together with medical professionals to combine their experience with our holistic practices and data analytics to help you feel better quicker.

Find trust in your healthcare provider.

Search for a mental health professional or healthcare provider who puts an effort in identifying your needs. Gain more trust by taking our questionnaire before your appointment and lose the fear of being misdiagnosed and mistreated. 

Become more than a name on a clipboard.

The precision and efficiency of our intelligent platform will allow you to develop a stronger relationship with your physician during your appointment. Time will be taken to get to know you on a personal level rather than filling out paperwork and getting rushed out of the office.

Take ownership in your health.

Discover ways you can reduce your chances of sickness and injury through our AI technology and speaking with your physician. You are always a contribution to your own health. Take the time with your physician to understand who you are, and how you can improve your lifestyle.

Receive personalized treatment from your healthcare provider based on a fully developed report created by our AI technology.

How does it work?

You will receive an online health questionnaire from your healthcare provider before your first appointment to fill out. The time is all yours. Take as much time as needed to reflect before submitting the questionnaire. Once submitted, our intelligent platform will then develop a report based on your data and save it securely for only your physician to review.







Never feel like your data is being misused.

Learn something new about yourself. Find out who you are.

Feel confident when speaking with your specialist.


As trusted partners of the mental health community, we care about privacy protections and the safety of patient’s data.

We prioritize maintaining the highest levels of data encryption and secured architecture. From day 1, we have rejected a business model based on generating data for advertising and sales purposes of third parties.

We refuse to share data unless completely anonymized and in separate clusters to academic partners or officially recognized epidemiologists - and only under strict and severe conditions.

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