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Chronic Conditions and Diseases

Bottom line is,

We know you have to manage the increasing number of chronic illnesses and conditions, while frustrated by unexplained relapses or patients with low level of compliance to the treatment.

However, in the rush of your daily clinical practice, you do not have time to listen to their complete life history or stories to determine the root of the issue behind the symptoms.

Furthermore, the acceptance of psychosocial approach to chronic diseases is expanding, yet this field is only starting to provide scientific evidence and there was so far no existing tool making it possible to provide you relevant information.

That's where we come in

  Access the complex psychological "why" behind the symptoms

Improve your means in analyzing chronical conditions the patients live with, by discovering the roots of physical and mental misalignment before the application or adjustment of the treatment therapies.


We provide you a holistic view to each patient case to help you adapt and personalize the treatment according to patient's personality type.

We also help activate self healing potential and reinforce patient cooperation, providing him with his personal "identity construction and psychosomatic analysis".

We boost your Therapeutic Alliance and help improve treatment outcomes.

Choose Your Field:

Doctor and Patient

We understand the stress placed on addiction specialists. Our goal is to help diminish the frustrations of patients relapse by putting a definitive end to addictions. It's all about the origin. Knowing your patient's history and what exactly made them vulnerable to their current condition is the key to prevention.


At Mental ID we're here to help you save time, money, and energy while putting an end to your patient's addictions. 

Our profiling platform can help you...

Accelerate the building up of a trustful and reciprocal relationship with patients with addiction disorders

Elaborate a long-term follow-up for your patients to prevent relapse

Decrease the number of treatment withdrawal symptoms

Remove stigmatization attitudes and interferences which may impact patient treatment success

established co-morbidity with a chronic disease issue..png

Addiction Specialist

Chronic Pain
established co-morbidity with a chronic disease issue. (1).png

Chronic Pain Specialist

Discover for example, how and why your patient's chronic pain, such as Fibromyalgia​, started and use that knowledge to your advantage. We want to help you identify patients who unconsciously trigger their own pain, better personalize your treatment plan, and stimulate the patient self-healing process.

Our profiling platform can help you...

Understand which psychological mechanisms are behind the triggering of chronic pain

Reduce the necessary dosage of drugs prescribed to your patients

Encourage patients to take part in their own healing process

Gain a better understanding of a patient's lifestyle to help improve their chronic pain

Chronic Disease

Identify your patients' personality to apply more efficient approach in their education and awareness formation

Chronic Disease Specialist

Investigate the complexity of your patients' chronic conditions while analyzing their mental projection. Keep yourself safe from burnout, work overload, decrease the risk of mistakes and time waist.

Our profiling platform can help you...

established co-morbidity with a chronic disease issue. (2).png

Exploit patient's natural habits to improve their self-management

Get recommendations how to empathize with patients who feel angry, sad, alone, lost, or bewildered

Determine invisible symptoms like pain, fatigue and mood disorders


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