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Occupational Health

Bottom line is,

We know you have to produce accurate and impartial evaluations which have an important impact on both health and finances.  

That's where we come in

Get the maximal amount of information you need in order to properly evaluate the mindset and vulnerability of a given employee before taking on a new job or after suffering a work place related injury or disease.

We help you reduce the amount of time necessary to make your evaluation and avoid mistakes.

Our profiling platform can help you...

Complete the physical requirement exam with relevant personality and mental health insights

Get predictions on patient's vulnerability to hidden mental and physical risks in the workplace

established co-morbidity with a chronic disease issue. (4).png



Incident Evaluation

Better interpret the patient's version of the events and their claims, taking unconscious bias into consideration.

Determine to which extent the injury or condition has been self-induced and/or is of environmental origin

Our impartial AI can help you confidently explain your diagnostic decision in order to avoid any chance of bias and help restore trust between employer and employee.


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