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Mental ID is a European based, multicultural startup. 

Founded by a French entrepreneur and partners from 4 other countries, we are embedded in the Health Tech Hub Copenhagen, that connects & promotes the best of Health Tech innovation within the powerful Nordic Medicon Valley.

M. I. D. will be proud to be Made In Denmark 

Our multicultural team is supported by an even more international network of highly experienced Mentors, Investors and enthusiastic Ambassadors of our Vision and Ethics, be it high reputation Researchers, Clinicians or grateful Patients.

After 4 years of intensive market research, solution design and testing on chronic pain patients in France and Spain, the team decided in 2024 to move Up North, looking for the region most appropriate to further develop and test our solution in the safest and most possibly respectful environment.


We are very careful with our technological choices and the usage of Artificial Intelligence to be applied to meaningful yet highly Sensitive Data, well aware of the importance of not "playing around" when there are Health Care systems to be optimized and pain to be relieved, be it physical or emotional.


If you believe you can contribute, or wish to partner with us

please reach ou to us! We will be happy to listen.

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