Advanced Patient Profiling solutions.


Mental Health professionals and Physicians who are active in prevention  and personalized medicine are at the forefront of the fight against chronic diseases & mental disorders.

We want to facilitate their job. Help them save time and go straight to the essentials thanks to unique patient profiling and psychosomatic analytics.

Our AI is here to support them, never replace.  

We also reinforce 

patient contribution

& selfhealing processes; 

helping them understand the part of Nature & Nurture in their behavioral patterns

as well as WHY 

they became sick or have difficulties changing          bad habits.

We primarily help

phycisians and mental health professionals save valuable time in better understanding their patients + fast-track and personalize treatment (or prevention) via our intelligent platform based patient profiling & risks analytics solutions.

As trusted partners of the mental health community, we are obsessed with data and privacy protection.

We prioritize maintaining the highest levels of data encryption and secured architecture. From day 1, we have rejected a business model based on generating data for advertising and sales purposes of third parties.
We refuse to share data unless completely anonymized and in separate clusters to academic partners or officially recognized epidemiologists - and only under strict and severe conditions.