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Better Prevention Starts Now

We provide health professionals with their patients’ complete psychological, behavioral, and psychosomatic profile before meeting.


Advanced Patient Profiling Solutions

DICP® Powered

Build Stronger Relationships.

Create lasting relationships and enhanced cooperation with your patients by using our AI to save time collecting meaningful information prior to the appointment time.


of the world population lives with a mental health condition. This percentage is growing
at alarming rate.



co-morbidity with a chronic disease issue.


increase in personality & identity disorders that are leading to dramatic social disorder.

Mental Health professionals and Physicians who are active in prevention and personalized medicine are at the forefront of the fight against chronic diseases & mental disorders.

A constant battle

We're here to support

We want to help save time thanks to our unique patient profiling and psychosomatic analytics.


Mental ID delivers safe, accurate, and precise outcomes that helps reinforce patient-doctor relationship.


As trusted partners of the mental health community, we care about privacy protections and the safety of patient’s data.

We prioritize maintaining the highest levels of data encryption and secured architecture. From day 1, we have rejected a business model based on generating data for advertising and sales purposes of third parties.

We refuse to share data unless completely anonymized and in separate clusters to academic partners or officially recognized epidemiologists - and only under strict and severe conditions.

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